February 4th Meeting

We discussed getting the anthology published through “The Book Patch”, a print-on-demand company. Getting an order of fifty books, once I get the content, will cost about $175US plus duty (which is about 10%) to get them delivered within 2 weeks.  We should have enough in the bank to cover everything. If you need more information, my email address is on the “Contact Us” page.

Now for the hard part. the formatting. I’ll do the formatting for the content but it would be much easier if you were to send me a .doc/.docx file with your work as well as a short bio, about 200 words. If you’re sending me a poem with special formatting, let me know so I can make sure it’s duplicated properly. You’re welcome to bring in a print out of your work to the next meeting if you don’t have access to a computer. It just means that there is a greater possibility of typos and other errors.

The entries will be arranged alphabetically by title as will the bios, alphabetically by last name. Feel free to use a pen name, but let me know in the content of the email so I don’t get too confused. There will also be space available for a short dedication if you like.

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